If your child is feeling nervous or stressed, our therapy toys can help them ease their worries away.

Anxiety has been on the rise, especially during the lockdown season, with more and more families being cooped up at home with not much to do. This has especially caused distress for your children, whereby their childhood is the time to explore the outdoor world to develop their sensory and fine motor skills.

Fidgeting is a coping mechanism for a lot of people. These repeated actions and movements help ease the nervous system down, reducing stress in the body. It allows the mind to focus and bring all their attention onto one thing, not only to help with their concentration but to make sure they are relaxed.

At Keep Aussie Kids Calm, we offer a range of fun-filled and colourful calming products for kids not only as an outlet for their fidgeting but to keep the nerves at bay. We provide solutions to aid your little ones during a stressful situation so that they can stay relaxed and present. Our incredible line of calming toys for anxiety also helps with self-regulation skills, knowing how to handle and cope with their emotions. It is the perfect way to channel their anxious behaviours into a tranquil state of mind.

Starting as a project to keep our two boys relaxed, we noticed how important it was for the children to find ways to cope with their nerves and develop their fine motor skills. 2020 kicked off a challenging year for everyone, especially our young ones leading them to explore creative ways to entertain themselves and have fun. Because of this, we developed a fantastic selection of sensory calming toys to ensure that the children are relaxed and can have fun while at home.

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The ultimate destressing tool

These calming toys for anxiety are excellent for relaxing your little one during a stressful situation. Some children even cope with stress by tugging, moving, and playing with themselves. To prevent this, we have devised a range of therapy toys to put this stress to rest! Whether they cannot sit still during school hours, have difficulty falling asleep, or simply need something to pass the time during the lockdown, these therapy toys work to stimulate and relax the mind.

Our online store has an extensive range of popping sensory calming toys that can soothe your child if they are nervous or fidgeting. We even have various options during the teething stage, keeping their minds distracted and their mouths relaxed.

Improved concentration and focus

Most children develop their learning through play and exploration. These calming products for kids will heighten their ability to concentrate on a task without the hassle. This is great for your children to use at home, at school, at the park, or even just carry with them while you’re taking them outdoors. Having this tool can bring them the skills to learn how to be mindful and relaxed during any difficult task.

Aid for children with special needs

One group of children who will largely benefit from sensory calming toys has Anxiety, ADHD, and Autism. Fidgeting may be a way to help them in a time of stress by rubbing, pulling, squeezing, or other rapid movements. They can help these children feel secure and relaxed, providing them with a safe channel to vent and get rid of their nerves.

Develop fine motor and self-regulation skills

Children require training and exercises to develop their hand coordination and strength in order for your little one to do all the actions necessary to function in everyday life. This phenomenon, otherwise known as fine motor skills, is developed through moving your fingers, hands, and wrists. This is essential as we use our hands for drawing, eating, writing, throwing, and many other important activities.

Our popping therapy toys can help provide practice to help their hand function grow and develop. This allows your little one to learn how to multitask and have a tremendous soothing outlet to help them self-regulate their emotions during distressing times.

Keeping Aussie Kids Calm

We are a Sydney-based Mum and Dad start-up business that sells high-quality and fun-filled sensory calming toys. Inspired by our two boys, we wanted to assist other families throughout the many lockdowns we have unfortunately been facing over the last few months. Our focus is on assisting families with their little ones from the early stages of teething and assisting in developing their sensory and fine motor skills. We will keep working with our suppliers to ensure we provide our customers with the latest calming products for kids with excellent service and prompt delivery.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or our socials below.